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Anonym A fragte am 3. Juli 2019

Hi everybody,

I was fortunate enough to receive offers from both firms (Germany) for an analytics/data science-focused consulting role (not supporting) respectively. Besides the project focus of both firms (lots of FS for OW, lots operations for ATK), are there any other factors that might be worth considering? E.g. reputation (in Germany) in general or in data analytics, career development, exit options, etc?

People-wise, it was quite convincing in both firms and the offer hard facts (money + perks) are comparable as well.

Thanks in advance!

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Anonym B bearbeitete die Antwort am 3. Juli 2019

I would suggest you to look into the industry focus, project types, and working approaches of these two companies.


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antwortete am 28. Nov. 2020
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In your shoes I would honestly go for OW, given the brand

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Anonym C am 17. Dez. 2020

Would not agree. Why is everyone so focused on brands? It is all about the work you do and what you learn. OW may have a very good Brand in FS. But there are other industries where Kearney got the better brand. Both are great firms, such a decision can be made very easily: 1. How did you like the people? 2. Do you want to do FS or more Industrial projects?