Network right after being rejected in BCG CV Round

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Anonym A fragte am 17. März 2019

I just got rejected by BCG, did not go through CV round. However, I managed to arrange a call with a BCG principal next week. In our first email exchange, I told him I was applying and asked for his advice.

The expected outcome is an opportunity for a referral (It is too late to overturn the situation now). I have some questions here:

1. How can I put it nicely about the fact that I got rejected?

2. How should I mention to ask for his help, maybe one year later (given I will work full time in a Big 4’s Strategy practice)?

3. Should I just ask for general advice how to have a good start in my future job?

Thank you for time.

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antwortete am 17. März 2019
I am here to get you an offer! | Got 8 offers including the 3 MBBs and non MBB like Wyman, Roland Berger, Strategy&.

Hello Anonymous,

Thanks for reaching out!

My answers to your questions:

1. You can say that you applied and unfortunately they did not consider you and that you are working on your CV/experiences to apply later with a stronger profile as you are going to start a full time position in a Big 4 strategy practice

2. Of course, please look above, just tell him that you will focus for one or two years on the job you landed and then if he is OK, get back to him to ask more questions

3. Of course, especially as he is senior he can provide you with specific feedback on his experience

Good luck for your new job at a Big 4’s Strategy practice

Best regards,


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antwortete am 17. März 2019
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


1) Show him the resume and ask for advice on what you can do better

2) That's hard unless you can become friends with him. Or he becomes your mentor

3) And how to make a transition to MBB


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I am here to get you an offer! | Got 8 offers including the 3 MBBs and non MBB like Wyman, Roland Berger, Strategy&.
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