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Hi All,

I am currently a Manager in a non-MBB consulting company.

I got an offer to join a PE-backed tech company to join them a Head of Strategy. The company is growing fast and aiming to become a unicorn in a few years' time, they have a really strong reputation in their domain.

The salary package is double what I receive now + expected bonuses are much higher + they offer participation in equity.

My main concern for accepting this offer is that once I move to a start-up/ smaller tech company I may no longer be perceived as an interesting candidate to work for blue chips or big consulting. Is it the correct way of thinking?




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Hi there,

I would disagree. You already have management experience in consulting…that doesn't just disappear from your resume.

If you're head of strategy at a start-up, that adds to your experience/repertoire, not subtracts.

If anything, I'd be concerned about getting equity compensation in an over-valued market and being in a start-up when the age of unicorns is “dying”. This is risky because it's a start-up when VC/PE funding is ⅓ of what is was last year in a interest-rate rise environment and rapidly changing market landscape/economy….not because it's not relevant to MBB.

(P.S. I'm not saying don't take the offer…just don't forget 1 risk because you're looking at the wrong one)


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Congratulations on the offer! It sounds like a really interesting opportunity. 

So I’d break down blue chip tech and big consulting as they’re all looking for slightly different things. 

What they’re looking for in tech will really depend on the role that you’re going for. If you do sales they want sales experience; if it’s strategy then they want strategy. If this company flies and you want a strategy role it sounds like you’d be really well placed!  

Big consulting is always looking for talented people who have done extraordinary things. Be that at university, in industry - they’re looking for potential. Going to a smaller company and doing really well will be one of those things. 

Leaving any big company to go to a start up is always a risk, but it sounds like you’ve found one which is well supported and backed. If it all goes wrong it sounds like you have the background to land another role - and this role will help with that. 

So my advice is to follow your heart and who knows where it will take you! 

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I don't think this is necessarily an issue! It will all depend on how you end up performing in your role and what kind of positions exactly you'd be looking for in big consulting or blue chips. In any case, you will still have your consulting experience to draw from. I'm not saying that this isn't a risk at all - I'm sure the exit opportunities may change a little depending on what kind of networks you have at your current company, but I'm saying there's always a way to spin a story, particularly if you are doing good work.

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