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How does Oliver Wyman differentiate itself as a consulting firm?

Anonym A fragte am 23. Mai 2018 - 2 Antworten

Hi - I'd like to learn a bit more about Oliver Wyman as a company and how it is different from MBBs. Is it just that it's a smaller sized company? Thanks!!

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There are three key differences if you compare Oliver Wyman to MBBs:

  1. Projects:Larger experience and better expertise in Financial Services related topics than MBB: Depending on the geography you work in, it is very likely that you end up on a FS project. However, OW covers all industries, just on a different scale.
  2. Culture: The OW culture is very down-to-earth, collaborative and fun - I believe that, compared to MBB, consultants are less focused on pursuing their own career and interests, but rather on the future of the firm, which makes it pleasant to work within the OW community
  3. Size and ressources: Compared to MBB, OW is a smaller-sized company. This means that certain support functions (e.g. slide service) are staffed with less ressources and are hence used less intensively by consultants (you do that stuff mostly on your own)

Hope that helps.


antwortete am 30. Mai 2018
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They do less strategy work, and depending on what office you are in, you will do a lot of financial services projects.

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