How can a fintech app go international?

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PK fragte am 16. Juli 2020
Director of Product at PayPal. Based in SF. Worked at Twitter, Yelp, Salesforce, Houzz in the past.

Coinbase is thinking about expanding internationally, think about the trade-offs this sort of decision would present?

How would you structure the approach and position it to leadership?

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Hi PK,

Very interesting question. Somewhat classic market entry :)

Clarifying questions

Where internationally?

What is coinbase's objective here?

How would they grow (organic or acquire)?


  • Economies of scale - in IT/tech scale is everything
  • The larger the platform the more power...self-fulfilling cycle with usebase in an online marketplace
  • Reduced fixed/SG&A costs per customer/unit sold
  • Larger platform, better offering to customers
  • Move first, before other platforms (need to scale or will lose in the long-run)


  • Regulation - incredibly complicated patchwork regulation across countries
  • Scaled IT infrastructure
  • Tax laws
  • Much higher risk (hacks, etc.)


(Really dependent on clarifying questions here)

  • If we do want to do this, how will we?
  • Acquire vs grow organic changes the entire decision
  • Where do we enter (target similar countries/cultures/languages first)
  • How to handle currency exchanges
  • How will competition respond? Will this become an arms race?


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antwortete am 16. Juli 2020
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First, I would recommend you to edit the post and draft your solution. This way it´s going to be much more enriching to you, since we will comment and give feedback after :)

Secondly, to help you with that: this is the classical market penetration case. You can find plenty of posts by tiping those key words in this very same q&a. At the end, those cases are always super similar.

Hope it helps!



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Anthony am 4. Jan. 2022

This is completely correct


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MBB | 100% personal interview success rate (8/8) and 95% candidate success rate | Personalized interview prep
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