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Looking for interview partners (eon Inhouse Consulting, Horvath und Partner, Batten)


I have an interview at eon Inhouse Consulting.

Does somebody have experience with that?

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Anonym A antwortete am 14. Nov 2016

Hi Julia! Congrats on your interview with eon! I recently had it, as well :)

So as you probably know already, the recruiting day starts with one of the management team presenting the company. Then you have a short written analytical test on a quantitative case study.

Now the most important part of the interview follows: you will have 3 case study interviews that take about one hour each. It will be just you and the interviewer. The first half an hour is the “normal” kind of interview where they just ask you about your CV, your background, why you want to work for eon. They also check your current knowledge about the energy sector and about eon as a company in general. The second half an hour is a case study on the energy sector.

So for this part I recommend you to be very prepared. That means: read everything you can about the energy market, its challenges and recent developments! What I usually do is that I try to already imagine scenarios during the interview where I can “show off” my knowledge (of course it shouldn’t seem arrogant but you know what I mean ;) ). So maybe you practise a specific case and then you already try to put in your knowledge on a recent study you have read or whatever.

The most difficult part for me was to do all of that in the limited time... You should practise a lot of cases with other candidates and maybe preplounge experts. Half an hour for a case study is a very short time I think, so make sure you are able to get the solution within the time frame. That’s why it’s also important that you are fast at calculating, so for this I had to practise a lot beforehand as well.

After the case study interview, you will have a lunch with one of the consultants. You can or should use that time to ask them questions, also during the case study interview! I mean the interview is for them to get to know you, but also for you to get to know them and the company. So you should prepare a lot of questions to ask on career possibilities and everything you want to know! But try to google beforehand, so you don’t end up asking anything stupid ;)

As a general advice for any kind of interview of course you should be confident and open-minded, try to differentiate yourself from other candidates. For me it helps to be of course very prepared, but on the actual day I try to relax and not take it too seriously ;)

I hope this was helpful for you. I wish you the best of luck for your interview! Let me know how it went :)

Anonym B antwortete am 16. Nov 2016

The recruiting day consists of the following:

  1. company presentation: they will talk about the company and you have the possibility and should ask questions, so prepare for that!
  2. analytical test: you have 45 minutes to answer 2 case studies with 14 MCQ. For a correct answer, you get 2 points and for a false answer you get 1 minus point, so if you don't know it don't just guess, better not answer it at all.
  3. interviews: 3 interviews with senior colleagues that consist of:
    1. personal fit interview
    2. case study
    3. questions from your side
  4. lunch break: lunch with econ colleagues and possibility for you to ask more questions. At the end you will get the feedback and immediate offer if successful
Anonym A antwortete am 15. Nov 2016

No, unfortunately I didn’t get it. At the moment I am not preparing anymore because I’m too busy with the finals of my studies. I only used preplounge, but the free version. Once I'm gonna start preparing again, I will get in touch with you and maybe we can have a session together then :)

Julia antwortete am 15. Nov 2016
Looking for interview partners (eon Inhouse Consulting, Horvath und Partner, Batten)


thank you so much.

So did you manage to get the job? :)

Did you only prepare with preplounge or did you have additional books? are you still preparing? Would be cool to have a session together :)