Does Roland Berger in Germany hire non-native German speakers?

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Anonym A fragte am 17. Sept. 2018

Hi! I'm a non-native German speaker (it is my third language, English is my first). While my German level is quite high it is not perfect. I'm applying to consulting firms in Germany, and have heard conflicting information about the firms here, including Roland Berger. I've been told my multiple people that Roland Berger in particular is more likely to insist on near-native or native-level of German, while another person told me as long as I could work in German it doesn't matter that my German is not perfect. Any thoughts on this?
I assume the interview process is almost entirely in German as well, correct?

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Nadine antwortete am 18. Sept. 2018
Senior Consultant

First, we are sorry that you got conflicting information regarding this topic.

We do not only hire German native-speaker in Germany, although we expect that you speak German fluently. Don't worry if your German is not perfect, it is rather important that you can work on a project in Germany and communicate with German-speaking clients. Please also note that the interviews will be in German and English.

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Anonym am 18. Sept. 2018

Thank you so much for your response! It's very encouraging to know this information/that I could potentially be hired despite not being a native speaker. Thank you!