Capgemini Consulting as a gateway to MBB (in strategy, not just IT and tech)

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Anonym A fragte am 27. Okt. 2017

Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question.

I have recently joined Capgemini Consulting however, the focus and scope of the engagements is very tech-heavy and very little emphasis is given to the strategy aspect of things. My question is about whether CC can be used as a gateway to MBB (in roughly 1 to 2 years) and particularly in strategic roles (accounts on this matter are very welcomed)? Or would it be better to transition to another, better firm in terms of prestige and scope (not necessarily in consulting) before transitioning to MBB?

Thanks again and have a nice day.

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Hi Anonymous,

Capgemini doesn’t have a strong reputation on strategy consulting, but it could still be possible for you to be invited by MBB with the right referral. I would suggest the following:

  • Step 1: Develop a strong network in the top 10 strategy consulting firms in your country; some tips on how to do that are available here:
  • Step 2: Use the referrals found to apply for the positions
  • Step 3: In case you do not manage to get an invitation for MBB, try to land in a company more specialized in strategy consulting, then repeat the process

In case you want to move to positions different from consulting, you should target strategy role for big brands. In general non-MBB strategy consulting companies would work better though.


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antwortete am 28. Okt. 2017


First of all, congrats on your offer. CC is a good firm but is mostly considered specialized. It can certainly be your gateway into MBB since you will have some expereince in strategy. Furthermroe, if you are able to develop some speicifc industry knowledge, you can apply within MBB as an industry expert.

That being said, I would strongly advice you to develop strong relationship with people in MBB as that can serve you both the recent updates within MBB and invitation for an interview.

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