A.T. Kearney Presentation

Anonym fragte am 7. Dez 2016

A.T. Kearney (Germany) requires candidates during the interview process to give a presentation of 10 minutes covering a topic of your choice. Any experiences with that? Would appreciate any advice.

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Anonym A antwortete am 13. Dez 2016

You should pick a topic that interests you and offers a lot of potential for discussions. Maybe already imagine arguments or statements where you can discuss a lot. Since it is in English, make sure to look up all the relevant terms that could come up if youre not native like me. The main focus wont be the topic, though. Important is a good structure and perfect time management. So make sure you have that covered and then you should be fine :) If youre really nervous about it, maybe practise with someone and they can give you feedback. But I don’t think it’s really necessary. Good luck!

Hi everybody, Thanks for the response!! Is this still up to date? So will I still have to hold a presentation in the upcoming week, or did they change the procedure? And futhermore is this additional to the two case interviews and the personal fit assessment, or a part of one of these? — Philip am 26. Feb 2018