Ex-McKinsey Associate Partner| Case Coach & Mentor @ IE University| MBA @ CBS | +200 interviews conducted @ McKinsey
IE University, Columbia Business School, McKinsey & Company
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MBB interview preparation (PEI & Case)
Fully personalized coaching plan and individual sessions
PEI storylining

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  • +5 years in consulting at McKinsey and Company, former Associate Partner
  • +200 real interviews conducted at McKinsey, both 1st and 2nd rounds (member of the recruiting team)
  • Current Case Interview Coach at IE Business University in Madrid
  • Teaching assistant and awarded best-rated tutor of the year by the MBA students at Columbia Business School 
  • Fully sponsored for MBA at Columbia Business School, graduated with Honors.

+5 years in the consulting world at McKinsey & Company, where I reached the position of Associate Partner and where I was a core member of McKinsey's recruiting team, conducting over 200 interviews to McKinsey candidates, allows me to provide you with invaluable insights to master your interviews.


  1. Fully customized coaching: Before starting our first session, we will design the best use of your time depending on your needs, strengths and weaknesses, case solving experience, Personal Experience Interviews (PEI) story lining, firms you are applying to… and many more variables. After my long experience coaching candidates for consulting firms, it is clear to me that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone.
  2. Case approach: There are many frameworks that you can use to solve the case during an interview, but we are not focusing on those; you can easily find them online and in my experience the best use of your time during a coaching session with me is to go one step further and develop your business sense and critical thinking skills. 

    As a former interviewer, I remember hearing again and again the same frameworks to solve the cases that I used to conduct during McKinsey interviews. It was refreshing when a candidate was able to break out from the typical framework and provide a more unique approach to solving the case – This is what we are going to work on during our sessions using my personal library of cases.
  3. Personal Experience Interviews (PEI) expertise: Crafting a compelling personal story and value proposition is crucial. Thanks to my extensive experience assessing over 200 candidates in real interviews at McKinsey, I can assist you in selecting your most compelling stories and structuring them to leave a lasting impression on interviewers.
  4. Honest and constructive feedback: In our sessions together, expect honest feedback. I will let you know whether your performance in the mock interview has met the bar, why or why not, and, most crucially, what steps you need to take to bridge the gap. My priority is to ensure that your sessions are valuable, and I won't suggest additional sessions if I believe they won't be beneficial for you.
  5. Comprehensive support throughout the whole process: Your journey doesn't start or stop at interviews. I offer support throughout the entire application process. From refining your CV and cover letter to fine-tuning your performance in final interviews and assisting with offer negotiations, I'm with you every step of the way.



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