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Welcome to my profile!

My name is Simge and I'm currently an MBA student in Columbia Business School. Prior to MBA, I have worked in McKinsey & Company for 3 years as a Business Analyst and last year I started my MBA with McKinsey sponsorship. At the end of my MBA, I'll be going back to McKinsey as an Associate. 

Let me give you a brief description of my previous experience in coaching and my coaching style.

I can't wait to meet you!

1. Experience in Coaching

First of all, I prepared myself for management consulting interviews during college and I got multiple offers from MBB. I'm more than happy to share how I exceled the skills needed in both case interviews and also in behavioral interviews, personal pitch and resume modification. 

During my 3 years in McKinsey, I was part of the recruitment team. I did case coaching and give mentorship for the new candidates. This experience made me more empathetic and gave me chance to learn different learning styles of the candidates. I can definitely curate a study program specific to your learning style and needs. I had a very good success rate and also long lasting relationships that I built with my mentees.

Now, in Columbia Business School, I'm an interview coach as part of school's career management center. I have prepared 10+ people with 90% success rate for MBB. I would love to share my learnings and help people who wants to do consulting outside of Columbia Business School, too.

2. Coaching style

I believe that the best way to get the most of these sessions is getting prepared in advance. So, I would love to learn what is your expectation from the session before hand so that I can get prepared the best way. 

Before the session

Your expectation can be general recruitment process clarification, CV review, mock behavioral interview, mock case interview etc. I would also love to learn which companies you are preparing for specifically because there are some differences in both case styles and cultural fit expectations among companies. Based on your expectations and the companies you are preparing for, I do my preparations so that we use our time together in the most efficient way.

During the session

The session content will of course change based on our session's topic (e.g. behavioral vs case). Our sessions will start with a quick introduction if it is our first session and they will start with an update on what you have done since our last session for the following sessions. After the update, we'll move to the session topic. Both the behavioral and case mock interviews will entirely be based on potential questions that you will face in real interviews. During the CV review, I'll share real life CV examples, too. At the last part of the session, I'll give my feedbacks, do a recap and discuss the next steps.

After the session

The most important part of case preparation is learning from the feedback! So, after the session, I expect you to commit the next steps that we discussed. It is very important to internalize the feedback. So, based on the feedback, I'll recommend some extra to-do's for you to learn from that feedback. 




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