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Case interview practice and analysis
Personal fit interviews
CV reviews and feedback

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I am a consultant (Senior Associate level) at BCG. I have experience from 20+ projects across Germany, United Kingdom, Central Europe, and the Middle East. I have primarily worked for clients in Energy (especially on projects related to decarbonization) and Private Equity.

At BCG, I have been a part of the consultant recruiting team, giving mock interviews, screening and assessing CVs to dozens of applicants.

Before coming to BCG, I worked at Arthur D. Little. I graduated top of my class from the University of Oxford, and am currently on a sabbatical pursuing an MSc. in Mathematical Economics at LSE.



My offer is flexible and depends on your needs. I am able to do any combination of the following:

  • Case interview coaching: Based on your individual preferences, I will give you realistic cases and provide specific feedback on your performance. I will also guide you on the key principles of succeeding in the individual components of solving a business case - e.g. structure, mental maths, time management, body language etc. Where relevant, I will suggest exercises which you can do to improve your performance.
  • Personal fit interview coach: Many otherwise excellent candidates do not get an offer because they underestimate preparation for the personal fit interview. I will help you avoid this pitfall by offering you clear advice on how to prepare for fit questions and how to present yourself during the interview.
  • Application file review (CV, motivation letter): I will tell you which principles a CV and a motivation letter should follow in order to be well-received by the hiring team. I will give you personalized feedback on your documents and suggest specific changes you should make to the documents to improve your chances.

If you are interested in anything not listed here, or if you are unsure about whether my services would be right for you, we can discuss this during a free 15 minute intro call.



I offer no-nonsense, actionable advice based on my own preparation for multiple (successful) consulting interviews, my experience working in consulting, and on the experience of coaching and assessing consulting applicants in the past.

I will be fully dedicated to ensure you manage to get a consulting offer. As a part of this, I offer:

  • Free 15 minute intro session to align on what will work best for you
  • Scheduling flexibility: I have a very flexible time schedule and am happy to accommodate your time preferences
  • No session limit: We can have as many (or as few) sessions as you like
  • Long-term support: Even after our sessions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you with any aspect of the consulting interview process, such as choosing from multiple offers, negotiating terms, responding to interviewer feedback etc.


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