3.4 GPA, non-target school, art major, non-native speaker. How did I land jobs in MBB, boutiques and hedge funds?
Keystone Strategy, McKinsey & Company
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unconventional background candidate coaching
Fit interview makeover
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(Don’t schedule a meeting with me unless you have done 15 case practices)


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3.4 GPA, non-target school, arts major, non-native speaker, no family connections, never used excel nor made slides


This is me a few years back when I started my consulting interview prep


and then I landed offers in MBB, boutique firms, and hedge funds in New York


How did I do it? 



“If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table” - House of Cards



I did not follow most rules that those golden background consulting coaches told me. 


Trust me, if you are not from Ivy League, not studying economics or computer science, or have to fight really hard to get an interview, you should not listen to those standard business school tips either. We are fighting an upward battle, and I specialize in the toughest situations because I have been there. 


Nobody struggled more than I did in my first three interviews. But after a few months, I became the master of the game:


I only networked with people that matter (I had MD’s referral from MBBs who I share absolutely zero connection with)


My casing isn’t perfect, but thank god it’s also not textbook. It’s so forgettable now that everyone is good at casing and doesn’t have any personal touch. 


My fit stories are unique and on point that my interviews usually extended for 5-15min more.


I asked questions about the firm that are really challenging and the interviewers had to try to impress me. 


Now let me tell you, I believe my experience is replicable. I can work with you on a tailored, detailed program to make you succeed. 


Let’s start with:

  • Going over your experience and resume to find about your strength and weaknesses, and most importantly, passion
  • Turning those into smart career strategic planning and genuine self-marketing
  • Crafting the narratives with meticulous effort down to the most minute details
  • Networking with people that matter (let’s go for director/partner level people)
  • Casing (everyone’s casing is good but we want to be unique with a personal touch)
  • Mentality, tips on how to keep the confidence high no matter what happens, but adjusting mindset and plans agilely with the status quo


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