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AVP at EY-Parthenon | Ex-Deloitte | 10+ years of exp| IE Business School MBA | 2+ years coach exp | 5+ consulting offers
STAR format Behavioral questions
Resume Building
Out-of-the-box solutioning
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149 USD / h
AVP at EY-Parthenon | Ex-Deloitte | 10+ years of exp| IE Business School MBA | 2+ years coach exp | 5+ consulting offers
STAR format Behavioral questions
Resume Building
Out-of-the-box solutioning
149 USD / h
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Let us hypothesize, crack some numbers, think out of the box as we enjoy through a case - Amidst all the jargons that Consulting folks are famous for and that I just sprinkled across a bit over here, ENJOYING is the most critical thing! It is important to be loving case cracking to really succeed at it.

Having worked across Big 4 consulting firms as well the industry side on pharma, healthcare and telecom and simultaneously having gone through multiple interview and casing sessions, I have realized there is no “one size fits all” preparation tactic. It is about customizing each interview for each organization based on their vision, driving elements and culture. So, I believe that while structures and frameworks are building blocks, tailoring your preparation for the organization in mind is important -

So, 1) Identify your target organizations while aligning them to your profile, scores and future objectives. We will build a preparation module or pick a case according to it. Once done, my approach includes the following:

2) Structure: Helping you understand the importance of having a structured thought, the importance of asking questions and clarifying doubts and using standard frameworks to build the initial hypotheses that you would like to validate through the case cracking process

3) Out-of-the-box: It is important to think of solutions and ideas which are not the most obvious - I would help you put on your imaginary logical side to have a MECE approach to solutioning while laying out many innovative solutions that can not be easily replicated by say a competitor, because that is what we do in real life consulting as well! A simple regular solution can hit the bottom line only so much :)

4) Time management: It is important to crack a case within the timelines and not overrun - It risks the interview being cut down on the important parts like behavioral questions or CV specific questions - I would help you navigate through this and time parts of the case in an optimal way

5) Behavioral: Behavioral questions are very critical to assess cultural fit and I would like to have some time to assess your on these aspects and the soft skills. I would expect you to have a STAR approach and help you with some of the areas to be tested upon in a consulting interview

6) Quantitative: If you are wanting to get into consulting and esp. PE-based, numbers are very critical so I would like to test you on your mathematical skills and ability to round up numbers and get closer to the actual numbers through approximation as well as a mix of mental math

7) Sectoral Expertise: I hold a tenured experience in healthcare, life-sciences, pharma, health-tech focusing primarily on due-diligence, market entry, growth and expansion strategy, organization restructuring, drug security etc. So if you have an interest in these sectors or areas, I am happy to pick up some really exciting live cases from my experience and help you crack them and understand the eventual solutioning.

Happy to also schedule sessions for CV / Resume review - With detailed feedback on key points, narrative, scores and other important elements for a comprehensive CV

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Eli Lilly & Company
2020 - 2021
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Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd
2015 - 2018
2011 - 2015
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University of Delhi
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