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I am a former McKinsey associate with 3 years of consulting experience, including interviewing and coaching 100+ candidates. After my studies in Aerospace Engineering, he joined the Brussels office and conducted missions all around Europe and South America, mostly on strategic, marketing, operational and advanced analytics topics. Currently, I am the co-founder and CTO of a SAAS tech startup in digital marketing.

As a former coach and interviewer for McKinsey, I have extensive experience in coaching and assessing candidates, in both interviewer- and candidate-led formats. I can provide coaching on preparation plan (calendars, resources, best ways to prepare), fit interviews (what to say/not to say) and case interviews.





There are numerous reasons why I might be an excellent mentor for you:

  • Tailored approach: We'll spend some time together before the session to learn more about your background, application status, important areas for improvement, and strengths. Before we begin our sessions together, we will agree on the framework of the sessions.
  • Real life cases: We'll work on scenarios I've developed based on real-life MBB interviews and projects I've worked on at McKinsey. 
  • Firsthand knowledge: After my experience at McKinsey, I kept being involved in the recruiting process of my startup by conducting interviews following the same schema as MBB interviews.



I've fine-tuned my technique after mentoring 100+ candidates, and it'll help you increase your chances of getting a job offer from MBB. Whether you're new to case studies or have some prior experience, my technique will help you discover and improve your weaknesses while maximizing your strengths.

Put yourself in the shoes of a consultant

We will learn how to think like a consultant during our sessions. Learning frameworks aren't nearly as crucial as this. Interviewers will assess your ability to think rather than your knowledge of common frameworks. We'll make sure you rise through the ranks at MBB to become a top-performing entry-level consultant.

A framework to rule them all

I am confident that by solving 200+ instances before receiving a job offer and mentoring 100+ individuals, we will be able to answer the most prevalent types of case studies such as market sizing, profitability and business situations.

I will provide you with a recommended framework for each case type. You won't need to worry about memorizing any of them, as they are very intuitive. If you have the skills and experience necessary to complete these types of cases, I would be happy to help you improve your thinking so that you can better suit my recommended approach.

Fit interviews count as much as case interviews

Some people ignore the importance of fit interviews. This is the moment that gives the first impression. In order to receive offers from leading consulting companies, a “consultant-ready” attitude is essential. The interviewer evaluates your willingness to represent the company in front of the client. I've seen many times that applicants don't receive offers, even though they cracked the case.



If you decide to work with me, I will provide you with the following:

  • 100% tailored preparation
  • Initial discussion to better understand your background and needs
  • Fit interview tips
  • Case interviews
  • Q&A session
  • Clear performance tracking to assess how you are improving over time


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