Nour Eddin

BCG Senior Consultant | LBS MBA | Core member of BCG recruiting team | Core member of BCG Center of Digital Government
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Middle East Focused (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon)
100% Real Case Experience
Personalized and Customized Coaching

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1- Diagnose your capabilities: we will work together to understand what
are your strengths and weaknesses, and tailor our training sessions to
reach perfection

2- Fit interview: Even though the case is important, the interviewer is a
human being who makes a subjective decision at the end of the interview. We
will work together on your story and make sure we impress the interviewer.

3- Interviewee-Led interview: Across the different cases types
(Profitability, Market Sizing, etc.), we will work together to ensure you
are very comfortable leading any type of case in any industry.

4- Feedback and training plan: Our interaction continues after our call
to ensure we get you that offer! Post our interaction, I will share a
tailored training plan to push forward on your own.

5- CV and Cover Letter Review: If you did not apply yet, let me help you
guarantee an interview by ensuring that your CV and Cover letter are
exactly what our HR team is looking for.

My Experience: 
As part of the BCG recruiting team, I interviewed 50+ candidates for
Associate/Consultant Roles for the following offices:
1- Riyadh Office
2- Dubai Office
3- Doha Office
4- London Office
5- Barcelona Office

I know what BCG is looking for from the inside, and we will do our best to
get you to the other side!


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