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I provide a tailor-made mentorship for every stage of the recruiting process. Why you should pick me? How can I help you? How a session will look like? Keep reading!

Why I should be your coach?

Personal Track Record

Received all the MBB offers in less than 6 months. I got my first offer after preparing for 1 month - when I started developing my method and began coaching other people as well. Case cracking + FIT stories landed me a “Definitely should hire” feedback. Being exceptional during the recruiting + getting more than 1 offer gave me the ability to negotiate for a higher position and an MBA level signing bonus without having done an MBA. I can help you achieve that as well.

Experience in coaching

I have long experience in mentoring + teaching and I believe you should feel comfortable and have fun while learning. You can share with no shame or fear of being judged, any worries or doubts you may experiencing. I have being in your position and I know how overwhelming this process can be, especially because it has multiple steps and aspects that you must succeed on. There is one key in succeeding: have the confidence to handle any part of the interview. I will guide you in order to find this confidence, by learning effectively and practicing consistently. 


You don't need to spend days/ weeks studying case cracking books with all kinds of information, but you need to have a structured method to learn how to approach a case, to learn how to actively listen to your interviewers, interpret quickly what they say + react appropriately to their feedback, even the silent one.

No time limit, unlike a therapist

Our session does not last 60 minutes but until you have understood what you need to do next or what to correct.


I have coached several candidates both in undergrad and MBA that received offers from BCG, McKinsey, Bain, Oliver Wyaman, PwC, etc. I provide a weekly plan for preparation (in excel for you to become comfortable with a consultants tool!)

 Agility, long term support & availability

Either you want to start today or you are looking for a final advice before your last interview round, I can guide you how to get referrals from consultants, review your CV and Cover Letter, I can help you with applications to top tier consulting firms, BCG & McKinsey analytical tests, HR interviews, case & FIT interviews, selecting the right offer for you, negotiating position and signing bonuses. You can find me via email, WhatsApp, Zoom for any doubts, questions, last minute tips, free of charge.

How will I help you?

(1) The Best Material for you

I have tried (and bought) every plan and material available and I know what works and what doesn't. I will provide you with the material you need to succeed.

(2) Corrections & Guidance

If you have started your learning in a “messy” way that is all over the place, we can correct that and any “bad habits” like learning frameworks by heart, instead of learning how to be creative in developing frameworks (which is much appreciated in BCG, McKinsey & Bain) & develop the right mindset in order to improve fast.

(3) Quality over quantity

I aim to give you a valuable + optimised session in order to have as less sessions as possible. My goal is to help you secure your offer and give you the information you need even in one session instead of giving you a few tips every session for you to keep coming back & spend more money.

(4) Casing is only one part of the interview

I can help you create your FIT stories, practice and perfect them. I will provide you with specific tips & tricks in order to connect with your interviewers and finally impress them.

Send me a message to schedule your first session!



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