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I am Joe, a former BCG consultant with an industry background in industrial goods (FMCG, chemicals, engineering), insurance, and public sector (governments). I led teams of associates and, aside from the daily business, very much loved participating in social impact and sustainability & environment projects and especially in recruiting!

I share the belief that most of the skills required in today's world are learnable and teachable. I come from a non-academic family - I had mentors throughout my life starting with my elementary school teacher who taught me how to become a professional fisherman, to my chemistry teacher in high school who trained us to become the best-performing class in the whole country in the final high school exam. I studied chemistry, hold a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, and lived in multiple countries. After my Ph.D., I founded a green chemistry startup in Canada, sold it, and then decided to go into management consulting. 

I landed an offer with all MBB consulting firms after just 3 months of training coming from a non-business background. I will share my personal training and application strategy and we will adapt it to your profile, get you up to speed and teach you all the essentials needed to be ready for the interview in just 3 months, and land an offer with your favorite firm!

Your 5 key benefits of having me as a coach:

  • First-hand experience: At all points in my prof. career, I was interviewing candidates - it is very important to me how the company I lead or work for will look like in 5 years from now - and who my future colleagues will be. Thus, you can expect real interview questions!
  • Real life cases: We will work on sanitized cases based on projects I have worked on at BCG and also current sanitized cases that the other top firms pose during real interviews (updated regularly). You will learn how to think like a consultant at MBB!
  • Personal Fit: for some firms, the personal fit is almost more important than scoring 100% quant in a case. We need to understand where you're coming from, your motivation and fit for the firm, and what might be good stories to tell during the behavioral interviews that would resonate with the firm!
  • Network: I am well connected across the tier 1-2 consulting firms and their HR & recruiting as well as senior executives in EU & NA, ivy league students, and alumni. Wherever a personal introduction would make sense, I am more than happy to connect you!
  • Application Strategy & Time Management: don't underestimate this point. Once you've identified your favorite firm, you need to elaborate an application strategy that allows you to practice with other firms (2nd or 3rd choice) first and interview with your favorite in the end to gain as much practice as possible. I know the firm's applications cycles and will share my personal application strategy with you!

My training is based on 3 step approach (we can also jump to the third point if you are more advanced):

  1. Analysis of your current progress - After the intro, we will analyze KPIs such as:
    1. Number and types of cases you completed incl. degree of difficulty, industries, structuring, tools & frameworks, speed, and accuracy as well as eloquence
    2. Professionality and comfort level in role-plays and behavioral interview questions (personal fit)
    3. Application Strategy & Time Management: we will identify second and first choice firms, locations, application cycles, and deadlines, review your CV & Cover Letter and create a submission schedule
  2. Developing a Training Plan - We will develop a detailed personalized training plan based on precedent analysis and do a retro-timing based on your scheduled interviews
  3. Mock Interviews incl. Case Studies and Personal Fit - In these sessions, I will become your MBB interviewer and we will:
    1. Solve firm-specific cases (interviewer or interviewee style). We will select cases based on your progress gap (time, synthesis, type and structure/quant-heavy) and the interviews scheduled. We will cover the main types Market Sizing, Profitability & PE, Business Situations (Market Entry, M&A) with both sanitized cases from BCG and current cases that other top firms pose during real interviews (updated regularly)
    2. Personal Fit: Personal fit questions may evolve naturally during the interview based on the stories you tell (e.g. your motivation or a personal event that you just experienced recently). The goal interviewer is to get to know you as a person and see how you would truly react in difficult situations and represent the company in front of the client. It is important to get a sense of this since your interview will potentially spend more time with you than with their family. The interviewer may also give you a scenario and ask how you would react in a fictional situation.

Be advised that the interview style, case, and emphasis on personal fit differ among the top firms. We will tailor the case study and personal fit interview training towards the favorite firm you wish to land an offer with!



  • Intro to understand your background, progress level and needs
  • Personalized Case Study Preparation – level of difficulty, industries, type, structuring, tools & frameworks, speed and accuracy as well as eloquence selected based on your needs
  • Personal Fit Preparation
  • Honest Feedback on Performance and Q&A
  • CV/Cover Letter review
  • Primers of the main industry sectors (e.g. consumer goods, public sector, engineering, banking, insurance, energy)
  • Casebooks and real cases for your homework
  • Access to my network


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