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About me

Do you want your dream job? I can get you there.

My name is André Servaes, I am a Venture Capitalist in California with a Consulting background. I had a fast growth consulting career at Mastercard Advisors, where I had big clients like FAMG companies or giant CPGs. I had the opportunity to work at Oliver Wyman and other big consulting firms (MBB) but choose to switch careers after I received an offer from Graphene Ventures (invested in companies like Snapchat and Lyft) where I’m working in the Investment Team. 

After I left consulting I started helping some friends for free, who gave me the feedback that I was a great coach, and 80% of them got accepted into MBB positions! Now I do this for fun, to help more people get a great experience in consulting!

I'm here to help you onboard the start of your career, in a personalized way!

My method

Do you want your dream job? 

My coaching is personalized to your needs, top-class preparation. We don’t need to worry about the 1-hour limits. 

I teach you to build your own structure so you don’t have to memorize it. There is no need for memorization. It’s about the process of problem-solving, and not doing what every other dedicated person is doing. Competition is hard, smart people want consulting, and doing the same as everyone else is not the secret to success. 

Overall, we can start and evolver over a few topics, focusing on what you need the most:

       1. CV review to make it great! 

       2. Fit interviews - how to build rapport with the interviewer. This counts more than you might think, and you can practice it!

       3. Practice hard/non-classic cases. Both cases are not in the platform and real-world cases. 

       4. Advanced case-solving guide  - Clarification questions guidelines, how to communicate your structure, how to communicate your math, how to come out of stuck, how to conclude like a real team member of the interviewer;

Why do you need to choose me?

 I can help you overcome the challenging MBB case interviews. Do you want your dream job? Drop me a “Hi!”   




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