BCG Alum |700+ hrs of coaching experience |Coaching w/ "real world" case scenarios
BCG, NHS Strategy, Accenture
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Case Interview Preparation anchored in "real world" examples
FIT/Behavioural Interview preparation anchored in "real world" client scenarios
Advice & coaching based on latest industry trends (2020 onwards)

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About me

Hi, I’m Disha, I was a senior member of the BCG London Healthcare Practice focussing on health and public sector. I’ve worked on cases across Europe, US and South Africa. At BCG, aside from casework, I coached new associates, authored BCG wide articles and my casework was highlighted as BCG wide best practice. 

Today, I run my own careers coaching business where I work with students from Top 10 UK universities. I’m also a strategy volunteer at a COVID hospital.

I’m keen to help demystify consulting because despite what you’ve been told, it’s not “impossible” to get in. Tactical planning, playing to your strengths & solid effort is what it takes.


My Approach

Candidates often dive into interview preparation without an understanding of what a consultant role involves. Therefore, go into the interview without knowing what interviewers are actually assessing and don’t land offers.

I help you avoid this. My approach is not to just teach you the “technicals” of a case interview. But also to give you an understanding of the role and how it links to the interview. I coach every session with “real world” case scenarios to help you see why the interview process is designed as it is. 

I help you build a solid foundation of interview skills and provide you with the insight to know what your interviewers and partners are looking for and why.

It’s a proven strategy which has provided my candidates with an edge in the application process. I’ve helped to place my candidates at firms like BCG, McKinsey, Deloitte, PWC as well as economics consulting firms.

Additionally, many of the consulting interview materials available online are outdated. The rise of virtual working, big data analytics and covid-19 has transformed the industry. Having worked in consulting until very recently (2020) and coached new associates, my advice is based on the industry today, not 5 years ago.  I provide you with the most up to date trends, frameworks and networks to help you land a position. 


What I offer

During our first session, we will spend 15 mins doing a short diagnostic. It will be a rapid initial assessment of your key strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, I will tailor my approach for the rest of the session.

Types of sessions (each 1 hr)

  1. Case Interview Prep - I coach you through a case, referencing “real world” case scenarios to give you an edge
  2. FIT Interview Prep - I explain what each component of FIT means, why it’s being assessed & how you can optimally demonstrate each one
  3. Quants Confidence Building -  I help you build confidence & skills in the quants aspects of the interview process
  4. CV, CL and General Application Support - I provide Cover Letter, CV and networking advice 

After each session, I will send an assessment report outlining areas for improvement. The report will include ideas for specific exercises & tasks to build your skills in these areas.

If you'd like to work with me, then book in for a call and let's give your prep an edge! 


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