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MBB interview prep (fit + cases)
Tailored coaching with extensive fit questions and case library
Communication and self-promotion

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  • I offer bundle packages of 2, 5 or 7 sessions with progressive discounts. Please reach out to me to decide together which one best fit your needs and goals
  • To increase my community, I'm offering a discount for the first meeting!#



  • Tailored approach: I'm very good at understanding your needs, timings, and at tailoring the approach and case prep exactly to your situation, opportunity areas, and goal. I can offer you a customized preparation to arrive at the interview simply in your best form!
  • Case interview: full case (45 minutes) and actionable feedback around all the important areas evaluated in a consulting interview (e.g., problem-solving, communication, structure, analytics, etc.). At the end of the session, you can expect a comprehensive and honest feedback about your strengths, opportunity areas as well as the next steps to improve your performance
  • Fit: a comprehensive set of fit questions (15 minutes) that you can expect before a case, to never be unprepared in front of an unusual question. I can help you to transform your stories and experiences in exactly the perfect answer to tackle this part of the interview, usually much overlooked
  • Case library: detailed cases on the whole ranges you can find in an interview, from market sizing to M&A, from market entry to no profit organization, that we can adjust and decide based on your needs and weakness areas

My goal is to provide more than a single 1-hour mock-interview. I want to train you to be successful and reach your goals, presenting the best version of your true self on the interview day!



  • 3 years in consulting with McKinsey & Company, top-rated consultant in Milan office
  • Full-sponsored for the MBA in London Business School
  • Official consulting coach at London Business School, top-rated among 50+ consulting coaches
  • 100+ consulting candidates prepared for MBB interviews
  • Mentor in Mentors4U
  • Active part of the recruiting team, having participated in all Women breakfast and internal recruiting event for 3 years





In case of questions, please feel free to contact me, I can assure an answer within 12 hours!


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