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The U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry – An In-Depth Overview by Udayan

  • An easy-to-understand guide on the highly complex U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Information on the drug approval process, trends and key players in the industry
  • Clear charts and data to help you prepare for your interview!

Is this product the right choice for you?

Are you looking for an easy-to-read guide to the complicated pharmaceutical industry in the United States? Are you struggling to understand how to approach cases in this sector because of its complexity? This in-depth overview guides you through the entire drug-approval process, provides insight into important industy trends, highlights the industry‘s most important players, and much more. It provides an overview of the sector for those who want to know more or applicants specifically looking to get into Life Sciences consulting.


Page 04
From Conception to FDA Approval
Page 05
Types of Pharmaceutical Companies
Page 12
Types of Drugs
Page 14
How Do Pharmaceutical Companies Make Money?
Page 19
Major Business Functions
Page 22
Important Industry Trends
Page 32
Key Players in the Industry
Page 36
Page 42
Meet the Author
Page 44

About the Author


Content Creator

Ex McKinsey EM in New York Office with 7 years of recruiting experience/ received all 3 MBB offers/Real MBB cases

  • McKinsey & Company
  • English
  • United States

Who Am I?
I'm Udayan, a former McKinsey Engagement Manager and interviewer. I love helping people with recruiting, from college students to experienced professionals. With experience hiring across multiple Fortune 100 firms, I know what it is that gets people excited about a candidate and can help you navigate the process. I specialize in management consulting, strategy and operations roles.

Coaching Services

  • Networking Help - I can help you use the tips and tricks in my guide and get you a referral for the role you want. We will work together on crafting the best emails to get you a response!
  • Resume & Cover Letter Reviews - I provide detailed comments and edits on your resume and cover letter followed by a call to go through any questions you have. This is critical if you are starting your recruitment process as a great resume can open many doors.
  • Case Interview - Consists of a full case and actionable feedback on all areas that are relevant to case performance. I have a detailed rubric I used at McKinsey when interviewing and similar rubrics from BCG & Bain. I will be grading you across all of the metrics identified and at the end of the session we will have identified key strengths, opportunity areas and next steps to improve your performance.
  • PEI - I have a comprehensive guide on PEI questions and I know exactly how to work with your experiences and answers to shape them into stories that are impactful. At the end of the session you will learn how to structure your stories in a way that is relevant to the interviewer while retaining the authenticity of yourself and your experiences.
  • Drills on Any Identified Weak Areas - I have many practice drills from real cases that we can do on structuring, reading and analyzing graphs, analysis (math) questions and creativity questions to help improve your performance on any weak areas.

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