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Project Simulations - Your Consulting Training

9 Project Simulations
Simulate work on-the-job
Market analysis, growth strategy, profitability analysis & pricing
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With this product you will be able to simulate your work on-the-job

You just landed your dream job in consulting? You want to apply your problem-solving skills in a practical manner and experience the real job as a consultant? With this product, you can go through the interactive projects and get to know different industries and topics in order to prepare for your career in management consulting. These nine different project simulations will enable you to simulate your work on-the-job! Ready to show what’s inside you? Get started!

Prepare for Your Job as a Management Consultant!

Learn practical skills

Gain greater knowledge in what it takes to accompany and successfully complete a project.

Get to know different industries and topics

From growth strategies for the banking sector to revenue projections for a cosmetic producer.

Collect on-the-job experience

Learn new skills, grow your knowledge or apply your learnings in a simulated work environment.

Start your new job as a consultant with confidence

Practice your skills and be confident when jumping into your first consulting project.


Page 1

Nine Project Simulations

All these project simulations include a comprehensive description of the project and introduction of the client.

Page 2

Project Approach

Each individual project has its own unique solution. Work out approaches for nine different projects and compare them with our ways of finding solutions.

Page 3

Data Sets

Alle neun Projektsimulationen beinhalten einzelne Datensätze mit relevanten und informativen Erkenntnissen, die Dir helfen, die Situation zu analysieren.

Page 4

Detailed Analysis

Each project includes a detailed analysis helping you obtain a highly detailed understanding of nine different kinds of projects.

Page 5

Building the PowerPoint Presentation

Learn and practice how to build a well-structured PowerPoint presentation for your client in each of the projects provided.

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PrepLounge is a case interview community where candidates with similar career goals get connected, practice cases and sharpen their consulting skills. It is the first of its kind in the world. Our focus is on management consulting, more specifically on the case interview preparation.

Our vision is to provide a service that enables applicants to show their very best during their final case interviews at top management consulting companies like McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group or Roland Berger. We want to be part of your personal success story!

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September 19, 2021 by Anonymous

I just received my MBB offer. This guide really help me in 2 ways 1) FIT Interview: It helpt me to understand what exactly consultants do and the skills needed. So I can integrate the things I discovered from this guide to my answers. It made me seem as someone who really know about consulting project even if I dont have relevant experience 2) In terms of the Case, It helps me to adjust my performance from a typical "Casing Cracker" to a different level of problem solver. It helps me to think about what kind of data needed for consulting, how to create framework, what are the resources for creating ideas for brainstorming questions which really boost my brainstorming ability.

I really like this guide since it includes many projects with different goal/problems (including public sector) in many different industries. I definitely will continue using this simulations to prepare me for my MBB job. I really recommend this guide. With that price, it's amazing to receive many project simulations.

2 users found this review helpful.
May 28, 2023 by Shruthi

Can't download the product - a total scam.

0 users found this review helpful.
replied on May 31, 2023
Hi Shruthi, thank you for your review and the message you sent us. We fixed the problem, and you should have access to the product now. We hope you like it! Your PrepLounge team
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