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MBB - Cutting Carbs - Divestiture in the Electrical Power Market

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Case Prompt

Our client is Energy England, one of northern England’s largest electric utility companies. They were created over the past decade through an aggressive series of mergers of existing utility companies each specializing in a single energy generation source.

Recently, the CEO has embarked on an initiative to return to the core of the business. She is looking to increase free cash flow and cash reserves in order to prepare the business for evolving future trends.


The following can be verbally provided to interviewee if asked:

  • Energy England is made up of assets across the energy-generation space. These include coal, gas, nuclear, and wind
  • We are looking to divest from just one of our previous acquisitions (i.e one target is sufficient)
  • There are no specific goals/metrics – the client trusts our judgement

I. Operation Cost Comparison

II. Divestiture Target Identification

III. Total Benefit Calculation And Final Recommendation

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