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Expert case by Adi

FastNFurious Cars: Change Management Plan

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Case Prompt

FastNFurious is a sports car manufacturer based in Germany. With the ban on petrol and diesel cars imminent in EU, they are trying to get ahead of the game and switch to electric sport cars production. Recently they announced a 3-year digital transformation programme to overhaul their procurement systems. They have a huge base of global suppliers who provide parts and components for the final product (their sports car). The programme is now entering its second year and the Programme Head is getting very nervous about the poor adoption of the new procurement system. He is getting reports that employees are sticking to old ways of working and using emails/phone for ad-hoc engagement with the suppliers. The programme will miss its savings and transformation objectives if this continues.

How can the Programme Head create a change management and adoption project to complement the ongoing transformation programme? He wants to keep the consistent digital theme.

I. Change Management Plan

II. Step 1

III. Step 2

IV. Step 3

V. Step 4 + 5

VI. Conclusion

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