Who are the ideal candidates for the Senior Consultant position at Oliver Wyman?

Anonymous A asked on Apr 18, 2019 - 3 answers

I see that Oliver Wyman has some Senior Consultant positions in major US cities. Who are the ideal candidate for this position? Do recruiters see how many years of work experience candidates had in consulting? Some may have more than 10 years of work experience but have less than 3 years of consulting experience, etc. Any ideas?

What is the typical position recent MBA graduates start at Oliver Wyman? Can someone shed a light at OW? What's the interview process like? Any typical characteristics on OW case interviews? Thanks!

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Anonymous replied on Apr 20, 2019

Although I do not think there is a definition of an ideal consultant as diversity is an important element of an ideal consultant team, you can have a great idea about profiles by checking LinkedIn profiles of senior consultants at the company.

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Typically, senior consultants will have 3 years of work experience in an adjacent field of interest to the firm (banking, government, etc) but lack the consultant skills. MBA graduates will generally start at Associate level.

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There is no real "perfect profile". Well rounded, name brand schools and employers, leadership ppsitions, good grades, friendly, smart... all are things employers will look for. One thing you do not have to have is prior consulting experience however.

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