What was your most interesting project and why?

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Anonymous A asked on Mar 06, 2019

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Linda replied on Mar 06, 2019
Senior Consultant


all my former projects were interesting and challenging on their own way. So for me it is quite difficult to say which one was the most interesting one, also due to the fact that they were all in different Business Areas and all had completely different approaches. For e.g. in my first project I supported the preparation of a possible Carve out, in the second one I was involved in the performance and transformation program of Industrial solutions and currently I am in the USA to set up a PMO to push a performance program for the manufacturing area of elevator.

Each was a great experience and helped me to develop myself further. Each had different challenges, and different settings. I am very glad that tkmc offers me the chance to see so many different areas, tackle different issues and work globally. My learning curve since I start working for tkmc is very steep and I am pretty sure that this will continue …

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