Was würden Sie tun, wenn Sie vor dem Kino versetzt werden, aber schon die Tickets gekauft haben?

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New answer on Sep 04, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Jan 25, 2020

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Anonymous B updated the answer on Jan 25, 2020

- Refund tickets (and get money back)

- Change tickets for another movie on another day

If not possible:

- Invite other people to watch the movie with you (friends, family)

- Watch movie alone

- Sell tickets to incoming guests (possibly for lower price)

- Be douchy and force the person that stood you up to pay 50 %

- Do nothing, go home and accept the failed investment


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Mohamad replied on Sep 04, 2021

Ask a friend if they can make it in time. If not, give a ticket to someone behind me, and watch it myself. 

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Anonymous C replied on Oct 05, 2020


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