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Training possibilities

New answer on Apr 27, 2022
1 Answer
Anonymous A asked on Apr 26, 2022


What training possibilities do you offer? Are there mentoring programs or trainings, e.g. language courses or excel courses?

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Ksenia replied on Apr 27, 2022
Senior Consultant


DHL Consulting offers multiple training possibilities. To start with, we have a Training Academy which offers a large variety of trainings on any topic that might be of interest to you. You have a budget of 10 days every year to do the trainings you would like. 

Recently, we have also started to offer data science upskilling training which lasts several months. During that time, you can work 4 days a week and spend the 5th day in training.

We do also offer German classes for internationals.

Additionally, you have a personal developer in the company who will provide you guidance and advice in your career path.

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards,


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