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Anonymous asked on Jul 31, 2017

Hi! I will apply for summer internship positions in MBB. I would like to clarify two doubts:

1) In which language are the interviews? For instance, in Portugal, are the interviews in english or in portuguese?

2) What is the difference between the recruitment process for a summer internship vs full position? Is the former easier?

Thanks in advance!

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replied on Jul 31, 2017
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1) I would expect the interviews to be in both languages and the interviewers will split

2) For internship most probably you will have 4 interviews instead of 6. Depending on the office I would expect the directors not to participate in the internship interviews. Interviews itself though are the same.

On the other hand, it's harder to differentiate among the other candidates since most candidates will have similar backgrounds.

Do these factors make internship interviews easier? I would say they do, but not significantly.

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Anonymous replied on Jul 15, 2020

Hi A,

1) You might have interviews in both languages

2) As for the recruiting process for internships is a way shorter. If the full-time offer normally consists of 3 rounds, then internship could be limited for the first round. And cases are normally are a little bit easier than those given for the full-time offer.

So doing an internship is actually a great start to put your foot already in the door and afterwards convert your internship into full-time offer.

If you need any guidance, drop me a line.



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Marc replied on Aug 22, 2017

Hello Joao,

My name is Marc and I am also applying to the next year summer internship in Portugal. If you want we can get in touch to practise cases. Btw, I am Portuguese (:p) so we can practise in both lenguages,

Hope to hear from you soon,

Marc Cervera

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