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Anonymous A asked on Apr 29, 2020

Dear DHL Consulting,

I am very keen on learning more about DHL consutling's recruitment process, particularly for experienced candidates. Could you please advise if the recruitment process differs for experienced candidates (7-9 years of experience). Furthermore, could you please advise on case preparation resources, tips and interview-types (ex. candidate-led or interviewer-led).

Best Regards,

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Maximilian replied on Apr 29, 2020
Senior Consultant & Assignment Manager at DHL Consulting

Hi there!

if you want to apply for a higher entry level (based on your relevant experience, e.g. Senior Consultant or Project Manager) the process changes as follows:

  • There is no online test but a phone interview
  • There are four back-to-back formal interviews incl. case studies with our Senior Management

Other than that, our assessment center is typical for the industry. Threrefore, your preparation should also be similar to any other consulting assessment center:

  • Inform yourself about the company and industry
  • Practice case study solving
  • Exercise calculations on paper! (I can’t stress this enough, we expect people to be able to calculate a business case without a calculator/ smartphone)

Kind regards

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