Partner for case interviews - intermediate

Max asked on Mar 18, 2016 - 5 answers

I am available via Skype or Face2face in Israel.

PM me please to set a time. We can practice cases from a variety of books I have.

5 answers

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Max replied on Mar 20, 2016

Hi, here you go and good luck

Case in Point

Case Interview Secrets - Victor Cheng

Case Book-McCombs

Columbia 2006

David Ohrvall - Crack The Case

Max replied on Mar 19, 2016

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You can also read more on the "official" site of the Egyptian/Jordanian/Syrian Arabs that call themselves "Palestinianas" since 1970 when they invented themselves as a "genuine" people in order to deminish the right of the Jewish people to their promised land from about 2,000 years BC :

Ujjwal replied on Mar 20, 2016


Thank you !

Ujjwal replied on Mar 19, 2016

Hi Max, I've just started with my preparation. Could you please message me the names of the books that you're practising from?

Anonymous A replied on Mar 19, 2016

You mean Palestine?