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New answer on Aug 20, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Aug 19, 2021


I'm currently contemplating on getting a coach for 2 sessions, subscribe to My Consulting Coach or subscribe to CaseCoach. Anyone with experience on any of these resources, what worked for you (or perhaps others)? 

My goal is to nail both fit and case interview parts. I have an interview in a week and I have practised around 10 live cases, but still don't get the hang out of it. 

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replied on Aug 20, 2021
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Hi there,

I agree with Anon B's reply. 

Getting a good coach will multiply and speed up your preparation efforts since it will help you focus on the key aspects and your preparation that comes afterwards will be tailored based on your performance.

Going through a course is often time-consuming and covers aspects that are not relevant to your personal situation.

I have heard the following feedback from my candidates:

  • Crafting Cases should be good is the usual comment
  • My Consulting Coach is super outdated and very far from actual consulting interviews + it's suspicious that they don't publish any information on the creators on the website. They claim to have worked in MBB but doubtful
  • No experience with CaseCoach from my candidates



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Anonymous B updated the answer on Aug 20, 2021

I have used both, my recommendation is to use neither.

Instead here is my recommendation;
1. Do the free course from craftingcases, should take a day
2. Get a coach early on for about 5 coaching sessions
3. Use a good casebook (Stern, Kellogg, INSEAD) and just keep doing practice cases on PrepLounge.



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replied on Aug 20, 2021
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I think anonymous said it best (and he/she is not a coach selling services!).

Genuinely, all online resources, by their very nature, can only get you to the intermediate stage.

Getting to the advanced level is all on you OR done via a coach. Online materials just aren't built to get someone to expert/advanced level (you need that give-and-take, discussion, guidance, etc.)

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updated an answer on Aug 20, 2021
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Given your current state as you put - I recommend the following:

  • First, book a single session with a coach first - in order to diagnose your current level and identify immediate areas of improvement
  • Second, based on the diagnostic - craft out a study plan for the rest of the week (a coach can also be helpful here)
  • Third, based on your appetite - do as many number of coaching sessions as you feel fit - until you feel you are fully prepared

One week is a really short time to get to the finish line based on the current state you describe. Having a coach will be the best route.

All major consulting prep websites are good - it depends on which one suits you best and which one comes in your budget. Do speak to coaches on all the websites over their chat/DMs before you make a decision. I would recommend to not blindly follow any word-of-mouth recommendation as something that worked for your friend, may not work for you. 


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