Oliver Wyman or KPMG?

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Anonymous A asked on Jan 30, 2020

If you were given offers to join both of these firms straight from university, which one would you pick and why?

I think that Oliver Wyman is a more prestigous consulting firm however KPMG is a much more recognised brand outside of consulting circles. I am wondering which one would be more useful to have on your CV in the medium to long term, and also which one would provide the better expereince.

It would be very interesting to get some opinions on this. Thank you

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Hello there,

It depends on your interest and objective. If consulting, particularly strategy is your focus, go with Oliver Wyman. If a breadth of financial services alogside with consulting would be your interest, go with KPMG.

I would say starting with Oliver Wyman is advisable as it will allow you to aim for MBB later on as well as going for Big 4, whereas the reverse is more difficult.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,

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Hi Anonymous,

it is very difficult to answer without knowing your goals (much like in a case ;) ).

In terms of prestige, salaries and exit opportunities, OW is generally far better, in particular if you are interested in strategy projects related to financial services.



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Hi, congrats for the offers! I would choose OW for exit opportunities, MBA sponsorship, strategic engagements and quality of colleagues.


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That's true that KPMG is more widely known, but it's also devalued because of that (Audit, etc). Pls go with OW, since you have better opportunities both moving further to MBB and exiting to the clients


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If you are not too concerned with the firm culture and are primarily looking at prestige/exit opportunities, OW is a far better option

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