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McKinsey Zagreb office - Opinions, Exit Ops

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New answer on Jul 12, 2024
2 Answers
Anonymous A asked on Jul 10, 2024

Hi everyone, I recently interviewed and am expecting a full time offer from the McKinsey Zagreb office, mostly operating in the Balkans/Eastern Europe. I had a very nice impression of the office but if I do get an offer, I need to carefully consider some things.

I need honest opinions about this office, if anyone knows anything about it. Namely, what are the Exit ops and is the starting salary good or great for the living standard (important since absolute income savings are an important consideration for my financial situation in the next years)

In addition, since my wife is set to move to the US in the next 2 years, I was wondering what are the transfer options, would it be possible to get transferred to an office in the US after a few years of working in Zagreb?

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replied on Jul 10, 2024
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Hi there,


I can't really comment on the office specifics other than that the credo of building your own McKinsey will also be lived there, meaning the experience will be what you make of it (clients, projects outside of the region, etc).

As regards mobility, 2 years is a good timeframe to achieve an office transfer.

There are a couple of great threads here on PL if you use the search function.



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Anonymous A on Jul 10, 2024

Thank you! I appreciate the response, so you would say that a intercontinental transfer would be possible if from the start I seek to work with relevant clients/topics to justify the transfer?

Florian on Jul 10, 2024

Yes, everyone I know who really pushed for it was able to do it within a 2-year timeframe, especially if they had a good reason (you do have that). It's important that you move the right levers early (e.g., networking with partners in the target geography, helping them out, and getting staffed on some of their projects while also depositing your ambition early in your home office with your mentors). I discuss this a bit more in my book Consulting Career Secrets - please check Amazon if you are interested in it.

replied on Jul 12, 2024
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Transferring to the US is not easy, although not impossible (and you'll need VISA approval). Exit ops… probably only the largest Corporates in Zagreb, this if you want to stay in Croatia, otherwise it shouldn't be different from any other exit opportunity in Europe for a Mckinsey alumn.

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Florian gave the best answer


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1300 5-star reviews across platforms | 500+ offers | Highest-rated case book on Amazon | Uni lecturer in US, Asia, EU
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