Is GMAT relevence in MBA campus recruitment?

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Anonymous A asked on Aug 27, 2020

My GMAT is low. And it seems to be that quite a few firms want you to fill in your GMAT score. (e.g. Mck, BCG, OCC, etc)

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Lucky for you, I actually have the data on this :)

I leveraged Stern student records as well as a personally deisnged multi-year survey to determine the key factors to recruiting outcomes through Naive Bayes regression and a few other statistical methods.

The result? GMAT doesn't matter that much.

What mattered most? Networking!

Have a further read here if you're curious:

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I agree with all of the above. But: Find the right balance in the networking. Be targeted and reach out to a few classmates that did internships or are alumns. Don't just reach out to a dozen people on LinkedIn and ask for coffee chats. They will eventually realize that you are just wasting their time and communicate this to recruiting.

Also: Prepare for the calls you get. Don't ask random questions, but targeted ones that actually help you with your application. If you are not flagged as a really strong candidate after a 20 minute call, name dropping in the cover letter won't help. So focus on quality, not quantity.

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Dear A,

Actually GMAT doesn't matter a lot.

Insted, I would recommend you to network and apply with referral, if that possible for you.

If you need any help, feel free to reach out.


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If you are already at a target school, you may not need to mention your GMAT score in your resume. You can make up for this by highlighting your other quant-oriented achievements (whether it is your overall GPA, grades in economics/math modules, work experience as a teaching assistant, IB firm etc.).



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