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Anonymous A asked on Feb 14, 2019


How is the application and interview process? Can you give me some insights?

What type of cases should I focus on during my preparation?

Thanks a lot!

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Elisabeth replied on Feb 14, 2019
Senior Expert Talent Acquisition


generally you should submit your application at least three months before you wish to start working in our team. Your application should include a cover letter, CV, your school-leaving certificate and all further academic certificates and work references.

If your documents convinced us, we will invite you to one of our recruiting days. In three personality and case interviews we get to know you better and you can get a first impression of us. You can demonstrate to us that you have the analytical and entrepreneurial capabilities as well as the “personal fit” to be a consultant at TKMC.

In the case interviews we’re looking mainly for a structured mindset and problem-solving skills. You need to show us your excellent analytical capabilities, a feel for figures, and an ability to stay calm, confident and pragmatic in stressful situations.

If you convinced us with your performance in the first interviews, you’ll be invited to take part in a second round of interviews with members of our management team. If we then think you’re a good fit, we’ll send you an offer and your career at TKMC can begin!



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Stefano on Feb 15, 2019

Hi Elisabeth! Are usual case questions similar to that case which is online on PrepLounge?

Anonymous A replied on Feb 14, 2019

Hi Elisabeth,

thank you for very much for your answer.

I hope you don't mind if I have some follow up questions:

With how many people do the interviews take place? Are there partner rounds, as well?

And do applicants get their feedback the same day as the recruiting day our some days later?

Looking forward to your answer

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Elisabeth on Feb 14, 2019

Hello, follow up questions are also welcome :) In your first round you will have interviews with three colleagues, who are Project Managers or Principals. A few days after taking part in our recruiting day you will receive detailed feedback from us: Our recruiting days always take place on Fridays, you will get our feedback on the following Monday, at the latest on Tuesdays. In your second round you will meet two of our Managing Directors. After the second final round we will give you our feedback as soon as possible! Greetings, Elisabeth


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