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BCG Beijing Pre-talk

Anonymous A asked on Oct 08, 2019 - 3 answers

Hi guys,

I received an invite from BCG Beijing office for a pre-talk interview.

The email I received says:

Interview format: Behavior question/mini case;1 on 1 interview of 10 minutes.

I'm wondering what type of questions will be asked (apart from self-introduction, project experience).

Also I want to get an example of mini case, wondering how a case can be covered within 10 min.

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replied on Oct 11, 2019
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I worked with trainees from Beijing, and I did not encounter a "mini-case" before. Most likely, it would be a short market sizing question given the small amount of time allocated.



replied on Oct 13, 2019
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replied on Oct 09, 2019
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Hello Anonymous,

I worked at BCG until recently. If you want you can write me then we can have a call.

Best regards,

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