Prepped and Primed

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This package is designed to prime you for success in casing in the least amount of time possible. It is not about learning everything or being cased in x specific industry/case type. It is about me giving you everything you need to go-it-alone and succeed!


I fundamentally believe that we don’t go to school to learn x topic. Rather, we learn how to learn. Same with this package: I won’t teach you x case type, however I will teach you how to approach any unknown case type successfully.


Session 1 - Preparation plan

In this session, I work with you to identify your key weaknesses and areas for improvement. Not only will we then create a preparation plan for you, but I will also provide you with all the materials required to resolve these issues. *See below for the materials I provide*

If you have just started your consulting journey, this session might include:

  • Deep-dive resume review (incl. killer template)
  • Deep-dive cover letter review (incl. example Cover Letters)
  • Networking/recruiting plan (incl. recruiting tracker)
  • Casing resources (incl. case layout template, “world of frameworks” visualisation, industry deep-dive template w/ answers, case tracker/matrix)

If you are further along in your preparation, this session might include:

  • Casing resources (incl. case layout template, “world of frameworks” visualisation, industry deep-dive template w/ answers)
  • Initial case to gauge strengths/weaknesses, alongside concrete recommendations for focus areas
  • Instructional videos primarily focused around building up your structuring and frameworking abilities


Session 2: Mindset shift

In this session I’ll hone in the major areas blocking your success. I’ll have identified these in our first session and we’ll work to fundamentally change your mindset. I have almost never seen a candidate that did not need a mindset shift in at least one area. This will be a very focused session, where I use tried-and-tested methods to fundamentally shift your mindset!

Some of the most common areas include:

  • Driving/understanding the case with purpose (hypothesis-driven only scratches the surface here)
  • Fundamentally understanding how companies work
  • Structured + clear thinking and communication
  • Keeping context while in the weeds
  • Brainstorming / flexibility with the unknown
  • Being a real person – showing your personality
  • Logical, project-based thinking of any problem, no matter how big or how small


Session 3 – Final touches 

In this final session, we do some combination of the following, based on your needs

  1. Revisit mindset shift exercises
  2. Tough case – I throw everything at you, and provide detailed feedback
  3. Behavioural discussion (how to craft your stories and key principles)
  4. Deep-dive on framework or industry of your choosing


By the end of these 3 sessions, you will have the fundamentals required to ace the case. You will have gotten rid of rejection-worthy bad habits and you will have the vision and focus required to ultimately achieve interview success.


You won’t be done, but you will not be blocked moving forward. Every hour you spend practicing/preparing after our course is done will progress you further than three hours would have done prior.


As a reminder, you will receive the following proprietary content from these sessions:

  • Killer resume template
  • Example killer Cover Letters
  • Recruiting tracker
  • Case tracker + industry/framework matrix (to ensure you cover all industries + case types)
  • Case layout template (how to optimally structure your paper to help you)
  • “World of frameworks” visualisation (single-view of the world of frameworks, showing how they are all interconnected and leverage components from each other)
  • Industry deep-dive template w/ answers (20 industries, broken down across the key areas you need to know)
  • Behavioural questions answer framework + tracker
  • 10 instructional videos (2 hours of content) to build your structuring/frameworking abilities


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24. Januar 2021 von Anonym

Ian has provided me with phenomenal coaching throughout the interview process. Over the last couple of months we have steadily worked on my weaknesses with both cases and behavioral/fit, and I've improved immensely with his coaching and support. Ian's approach to coaching is to be frank but encouraging, which I found effective in inspiring me to improve. He is results-oriented and invested in my success. I am certain that I wouldn't have gotten this far without him. Happy to say that with his guidance, I've received both Big 4 and MBB offers. Don't hesitate — working with Ian is SO worth it!

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5. August 2021 von Anonym

Ian is an amazing coach. First off, he is incredibly personable and someone that becomes not only a coach, but a friend throughout this process. The key to this program, on top of his technical expertise, is the fundamental mindset shift that he guides you through, giving you the confidence to handle any interview situation. I went from having no idea what I was doing to securing my dream offer from an MBB firm within a month. Not only that, my performance during the interview was so good that the offer came back with unanimous approval from all of my interviewers. Never would I have imagined myself, prior to Ian, having such a performance. This is the best investment you can make.

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3. Mai 2021 von Anonym

This was my 3rd time applying to MBB. In my last two attempts, I cleared the first rounds but always got dinged on the decision round. So I knew I can do the cases at a reasonable level but I am missing something critical in "how" I approach these problems. And, Ian helped me identify the problem and worked with me to address it.

Ian enabled a mindset shift that other commonly available resources are not effective at. He helped me in creating a structure from the first-order principle and in effectively communicating that structure.

I am happy to share that I got an offer from BCG (the only consultancy I applied again) and my case performance was evaluated as exceptional. Ian coaching is instrumental in turning around my performance.

Thanks, Ian. I wish everyone success in their journey and achieving their goal.

2 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
18. Januar 2021 von Oli

I bought the 'Prepped and Primed' package just a week before my first interview. In those 3 sessions, Ian identified what my weaknesses were (Market Sizing, Behavioural/Fit Interview, and Framework Structuring) and put together a solid plan to bring these areas up to the standard required.

The sessions were invaluable, and the materials he shared were also incredibly useful for me to self-study outside of our sessions. Following our sessions, I successfully received an offer at my first-choice firm, and am sure that this wouldn't have happened without Ian's help!

Can wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach, and the Prepped & Primed package.

2 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
4. Mai 2021 von Anonym

I would 100% recommend this package. Ian was an amazing coach from the application to the interview process and provides tools to ensure you will be as efficient as possible in your preparation from day 1. He helped me to land an offer at BCG. Thanks Ian!

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