Ex-BCG and top-tier MBA with 7+ years in CPG industry experience. The full package for experienced or post-MBA hires!
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Experienced/MBA hires - Leverage your experience into an MBB offer
International applications - Beat the home advantage
Challenging, partner-style cases - Ace the killer case

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Hi guys! I’m an engineer by training, and an ex-BCG Consultant with significant interview coaching experience in the US, the Middle East and Europe. Before, I spent most of my professional life working in marketing and new product development at L’Oreal (both in Paris and Brussels) andI left  as a Marketing Director (for the Garnier/Maybelline) before embarking on an MBA at London Business School.

 At LBS, I learned the ins and outs of top-tier management consulting recruiting. I applied for and obtained first and final round interviews at all four top management consulting shops: BCG and Booz (both in London) and McKinsey and Bain (both in Paris). That means I did close to 20 interviews as an interviewee. Trust me, I know the feeling you might have thinking about the daunting recruitment challenge and the low odds ahead...

I ultimately accepted a full-time offer to join The Boston Consulting Group as a Consultant in their coveted London Office. Coming from industry with substantial experience, I learned a lot about what it takes to successfully make the transition into consulting. It can be tricky, but with the right approach, it can be done!

The first steps in get into the door and beat the steep competition by dazzling your interviewers throughout the interview process. That’s where I come in! Since 2013, I have been coaching high-calibre candidates. I’ve learned that it’s all about two things:

  1. Crack those cases like you mean it! Becoming a case study expert takes a lot of practice and professional guidance – the latter will allow you to understand how to focus your preparation on the right aspects, thus allowing you to improve in an efficient way. We will work together on the largest variety of cases possible (including quantitative, qualitative, practical, conceptual and common sense cases), and the difficulty of each case will be tailored to your current level of expertise and always aim to improve.
  2. Create a compelling personal brand. I'll make you stand out and fit in at the same time. That's right. Being a strong "case-only" candidate will only get you so far. As an ex-marketeer and published author I know how to bring out your strengths and will work with you to build them into a consistent and exciting story. (That’s also how you get accepted into top tier MBA programs - I can tell you more about that too)!

So, congrats on getting this far, and good luck with your next steps towards your dream job! I’m here if you want my help!

All the best,



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