Professional Leadership & Career Coach | ex-McKinsey Manager & Interviewer | ex-Morgan Stanley VP
OTITO Executive Coaching & Consulting, McKinsey & Company, Morgan Stanley
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McKinsey Case & PEI
Diverse Background Prep (e.g. non-MBA, Experienced Hire, Tech background, etc.)
Case Leadership

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*** Discounts are available for 5+ sessions booked in one go. Please shoot me a message to inquire about this ***

Why you should work with me

With me, you could not be better prepared to ace your interview! I have successfully prepared 200+ candidates, has made 3 "impossible career moves" to end up at McKinsey without an MBA (I started as a software developer)! And as a Professional Leadership coach, I will not only help you get your skills on point, but will also get you mentally prepared to succeed!

  1. I know what the top consulting firms look for and how you can tick every box, having successfully prepared, interviewed, and delivered workshops for 200+ candidates during my McKinsey tenure and beyond. 
  2. I understand the nuanced challenges candidates like yourself face, having been in your shoes just five years ago. Without an MBA, I successfully made the transition from IT to Banking into Consulting, to join, arguably, the most prestigious company in the world - McKinsey!
  3. I will provide you with the same expertise that I offer to my C-Suite clients, as a Professional Leadership Coach. The easiest "yes" for a candidate comes when the interviewer forgets they are in an interview and feel like they are just working with a fellow colleague. I will help you create that experience in your interviews by helping you get mentally prepared to perform at 100% every time. I work with senior clients every day to help them gain awareness of the real blockers holding them back (fear, lack of confidence, uncertainty) and tackle them head-on. I'd love to do the same for you! 

A little more about me

I am an energetic, outcome-driven leadership coach who specialises in helping high-performing professional and business leaders accelerate to their desired goals. I partner with my clients to develop the clarity, confidence, and strategy they need to push through barriers and become the leaders that they want to be in all areas of their lives. I do not believe leadership comes in any one form, but instead that what makes you truly exceptional lies in your uniqueness. I help my clients discover their distinctive strengths and use them to realise their unlimited potential.

Prior to founding my coaching & consulting business, I held leadership positions at McKinsey & Co. and Morgan Stanley. As a McKinsey consultant, I worked directly with C-Suite clients, advising them on management-critical strategic problems. Prior to that, I was a Vice President at Morgan Stanley. Initially joining the bank as a software developer, I quickly moved on to take responsibility for delivering business products to Hedge Fund COO clients across EMEA. My expertise as a strategic problem-solver is reflected in current positions I hold as a Non-Executive Director, start-up business advisor, and school governor.

My infectious energy comes from a love of what I do and my mission to inspire, motivate, and empower others in making their true desires become a reality.


I look forward to working with you to help you land the job of your dreams!


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