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About me:

I am a Consultant at A.T. Kearney with ~4 years of consulting experience. 

When I first started my preparation, I prepared for consulting for about 6 months and interviewed with top-tier firms like McKinsey, BCG, A.T. Kearney, Deloitte, Accenture etc. I converted BCG, ATK, Accenture, KPMG, and Deloitte.

Now with 6 months of rigorous preparation, solving about 250 cases, I was able to create exhaustive customized frameworks for myself, covering most of the business situations that we typically encounter in case interviews.

My approach and what to expect in my sessions:

For those of you wanting to crack a Tier-1 consulting offer - I have developed a structured coaching process. This is to ensure that you are prepared not just for a particular type of case, but rather develop a problem-solving bent of mind and are able to tackle any kind of scenario which is thrown at you - including personal interview ones. 

This involves the following basic elements:

1. Market-sizing/ guesstimate cases: I am fully aware how painful these cases can get.

  • Typically placed in the first round itself to test the candidate on their basic structuring
  • Also tests candidates' grasp on numbers and assumptions
  • Usually an elimination round and hence it is very critical that we develop a solid understanding of how to tackle them

I will help you eliminate the noise that surrounds the preparation of this round and will guide you to specific action points to succeed at estimations.

2. Business scenario cases: These are the standard consulting cases which you will face in your day-to-day work in any consulting role. Having done ~250 case studies with partners from top-tier firms and 15+ actual projects (which are in themselves 75+ cases), I have a wide range of cases pulled out from real-project experiences for even an experienced case-interviewee - these cover all the types that are asked in an interview and even more.

Additionally, I have coached two of my junior batches (about 70+ interviewees), many of who converted McKinsey, BCG and A. T. Kearney. I was among the top 5 coaches at my institution and have been hailed as a good mentor. This means that I will be able to give very detailed and pin-pointed feedback to each of my case partners, taking their academic and professional background into account. I spend a good amount of time on providing detailed feedbacks and track them in our next session. I will ensure that you keep progressing towards a state where you can confidently solve and present a case to an MBB partner.

3. Abstract cases: Have you ever been part of a case interview where you have been asked a question like: "What should Roger Federer do with his life now?" Many companies ask cases like these which are intimidating initially but are very easy to handle once you understand the objective of the interviewer. These are abstract-based cases and are again integral to any interviewee's preparation. I had been baffled for quite some time on these cases till I discussed and practised enough with the right people to solve them with ease. I will arm you with the right tools and structures to solve such cases.

4. Personal/ fit interview question: This is usually the last round which is taken by the Partner. Although many think that once you get to this round, you are 90% confirmed - but this may not be the case. So, it is equally necessary to display the structuring ability in this round as well. A well-thought-out, honest and prepared answer goes a long way into establishing a great relationship with your new employer.

I will take you through the entire journey of what it means to be a Consultant.

  • All of 4 elements will be covered across our sessions, depending on your requirement
  • In case you only need assistance in a particular area, please do reach out and we can specifically focus on that part of the preparation
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for an entire package, I suggest enrolling for the Prep4Success Coaching Program and selecting me as your coaching partner - this will be much more cost effective for you.

Lastly, being on the other side of the table, I understand in-depth what the companies look for and the nuances which a run-of-the-mill casebook will not be able to tell you. I like to work on the fundamentals so that a candidate does not have to rely on frameworks, rather he/ she is able to create one on his/ her own as per the interview scenario.

Hope to have enriching sessions with you!


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