FAQs from Coaches on PrepLounge

Conducting Expert Meetings

1. How do I set up my profile?

As soon as you sign up as an expert your profile will be made available to the candidates in the PrepLounge community. Please make sure that you fill in your profile information and upload a photo. If you have reviews from previous coachings, do let us know and we will upload up to three reviews.

2. How do I schedule meetings with candidates on PrepLounge?

As an expert, you just have to wait for candidates to approach you. They will send you messages or invitations that you will receive once logged in on PrepLounge (and also as notification via email). All you have to do is accept a meeting that fits into your schedule.
Once you confirm an invitation, you just have to wait for the payment to go through(candidates pay in advance and have to do so within 48 hours). You will receive a notification and can wait for the meeting to start.

3. How do I get to the meeting room?

Once a meeting has been confirmed all you have to do is log in to PrepLounge on the scheduled time (Please note: the time displayed is always your local time as per your user settings). You will be redirected to the meeting room automatically, where you will conduct the meeting over Skype or phone.

4. Can I invite candidates directly to a meeting?

Yes, please feel free to send invites to PrepLounge users directly. To do so, please visit the user's profile and click on the green bar saying "propose a meeting".

5. How do I conclude the meeting?

Please be sure to click on the "Finish Meeting" button so that we can register your meetings and make sure your reviews get saved.

The Payment Procedure

1. Can I choose how much I want to earn per meeting?

Yes. You decide the price candidates have to pay for a meeting with you. Please bear in mind that PrepLounge takes a commission of 33% on the net value e.g. after VAT is deducted.

2. What is the minimum price for a meeting?

​We set the limit at 139 USD / meeting for all Experts. Feel free to increase your price based on your seniority in consulting and case interview coaching experience. You can always go back and adjust it using the price slider function in your profile settings.

3. How and when do I receive my compensation?

Please note that you will have to issue an invoice each month so that we can process the payment. This can be issued in the Invoices section, once you have entered your account details and billing address in your profile settings. We will transfer the amount minus commission to your account within two weeks of the issue date.

Session guidelines

1. Do I have to use PrepLounge cases?

Experts usually have their own set of cases that they use for coaching sessions. We have 140+ cases in our database that were designed for the candidate-to-candidate approach. Feel free to use them too if you are looking for variety.

2. How do I keep candidates as recurring customers?

It helps to start off with a difficult case. Not only does the candidate realize that there is room for improvement but it also helps you pin point weaknesses and can be worked on in the following sessions. Given that candidates that took an expert meeting have proven their willingness to pay, you should increase the share of wallet by doing more meetings.

3. What information should I ask the candidate?

It’s good to be aware of what interviews the candidate has and what firms he/she is applying to. Please note that it is forbidden to pass on the candidate’s personal information without the express consent of PrepLounge.

Cautionary advice

1. Meetings outside of PrepLounge

Please note that PrepLounge does not condone meetings that take place outside of the platform. Experts can meet candidates in person as long as the payment is transacted on PrepLounge. In the event, PrepLounge suspects or determines any unauthorized transactions that bypass the platform, PrepLounge reserves the right to withhold payments, levy fines of up to $3,000, and/or suspend or terminate service in its sole and absolute discretion.

2. Ongoing confidentiality agreements

Please note that you may have ongoing confidentiality obligations to your previous employer. If this is the case, PrepLounge is not liable for information dispelled on the part of the expert. It is the responsibility of the expert alone to be aware of what information regarding the selection process and case material he/she is allowed to disclose and uphold the obligations.