Advanced - PowerPoint for Consultants (3/3)

Advanced - PowerPoint for Consultants (3/3) Mit unseren Projektsimulationen erhältst Du einen Einblick in die Arbeit als Berater und bekommst die beste Vorbereitung auf Deinen Traumjob im Consulting!
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We will now move on to another segment of showcasing the results of your analysis which is the competitive landscape. As you know, in our business framework we also analyze the competitive landscape, so we will go over some quick formatting variations.

Variation 1: Comparing competitors in a single slide.

When you work on the competitive landscape you often need to compare different companies with each other so in order to do that we use different formats. In this basic format we will use a table to compare different attributes of different competitors.

This is a fairly basic and simple version of showcasing a competitive landscape analysis. You use the company logo instead of the name and then you decide which attributes to compare them for. Finally, we add in a sizing indicator moving from small-cap to large-cap players. The indicator is optional, but it adds a nice visual effect.

Variation 2: competitive landscape in a single slide.

This variation is similar to Variation 1, but we use a different format. Let's take a look.

This variation is a reverse of Variation 1 where we input the company logo's in the top rows horizontally. And the categories of comparison are on the vertical side. Pay attention to the design as we use different color schemes and we also added borders in the top row.

Now let's take a look at the video's on how to make these variations.

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