When will EY/Deloitte start hiring again FT MBA consultants? Post-MBA what are my options to get hired?

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I go to school at a top 10 MBA program. The Big4 aren't hiring on campus this Fall.

Any idea when EY/Deloitte will start hiring again for full-time Cosulting roles? If so, how can I get hired as a fresh MBA through the experienced hire path?

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Not going to campus is not necessarily not recruiting. Consulting firms, particularly this big, are always recruiting. 

The best option is to network into getting the interview - actually use this to your advantage. As the company is not going to the campus, you have an excuse to “cold email” / contact through LinkedIn people who are working there.

In any case you can (and will need to) apply online.

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EY is actually quite moving atm, and MBA hiring season is happening as we speak. Feel free to PM me.



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Honestly, it's anyone's guess. EY and especially Deloitte are in big trouble. They just grew too big and are having to cut a fair amount of existing staff, let alone worrying about hiring.

As a fresh MBA you 100% need to network!

In terms of networking tactics:

a) Reach out to people in your network

b) Reach out to people once removed from your network

c) Reach out to people with a similar backgorund to you (i.e. same alma mater, same hometown, same career switch, etc.)

d) Tailor a message to them specifically both showing interest in them and their journey and demonstrating that you have done your research and could be a valuable hire

e) Play "tag" across calls you get so that you can work your way towards the company/office/role you want

f) Leave a strong impression - i.e. don't ask "basic questions". Rather, demonstrate your ability/intelligence by asking smart questions, carrying a natural conversation, showing genuine interest, etc.

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