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What is the analytical online test at ECON like?

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Letzte Aktivität am 7. Aug. 2018
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Leon fragte am 7. Aug. 2018

Hi Halina,

thanks for answering my previous question on the application process.

I would like to pose a follow-up question regarding the analytical online test you mentioned.

Could you give me additional information on this test please? What type of questions does it include? How long does it take and how many questions are there? What is the scoring system?

Thank you very much!



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Halina antwortete am 7. Aug. 2018
Team Lead Talent Acquisition

Hi Leon,

Thank you for following up. I am happy to give you more insights about the test:

The aptitude test is divided into two adaptive capability tests screening your numerical abilities
and abstract logical abilities.

  • In the numerical test you are presented with complex numerical information in tables and charts from which you need to draw logical conclusions.
  • In the logical-deductive test you are provided a grid containing several objects and one question mark. Your task is to work out which object has to be displayed in the cell marked with the question mark.
  • You have six minutes to complete each test.

In the end, the onsite online test helps us to get a better understanding of your analytical skills, although the focus of our overall assessment is on the case-based interviews.



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