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What do you like most about working for DHLC?

Neue Antwort am 4. Mai 2020
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Anonym A fragte am 30. Apr. 2020

Dear Maximilian and other colleagues behind this format,

I am interested in learning more about the people who are answering questions here :) What are your backgrounds, since when do you work at DHL Consulting and what do you like most about working there?
Thank you :)

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Chen antwortete am 30. Apr. 2020

Hi there!

Sure, happy to introduce myself and DHLC.

I joined DHL Consulting as Consultant in November, 2019. Before that, I finished MPhil in Management at University of Cambridge and Bachelor of Social Sciences (with a major in politics science) at the University of Hong Kong.

Speaking from my experience, what I like most about DHLC are:

  • People: I really enjoy working with my colleagues, who are very smart but also very down-to-earth. They are always ready and happy to help, sharing best practice at work, offering advice for new joiners to settle down in Germany and taking time to help you fix IT issues. Each consultant also gets a Partner as Personal Developer. My Personal Developer is my strong advocate who helps me plan training, identifies my improvement potential, and listens to my concerns.
  • Diversity: This refers to diveristy in both people and projects. I meet colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds. I also get exposure to projects in diverse topics, including but not limited to M&A, supply chain strategy, IT optimization etc.
  • Network: When you work for a company as DHL, you get networks across different business units, different functions and different countries. You collaborate with and get insights from literally all around the world.

This is just my perspective. You are more than welcome to apply and ask more from my other colleagues in our AC;)

All the best!

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Maximilian antwortete am 4. Mai 2020
Senior Consultant & Assignment Manager at DHL Consulting

Hi there!

Also happy to introduce myself:

I joined DHLC as an intern in summer 2016 and received a full time offer during my internship. I rejoined as a Consultant in July 2017 and was promoted to Senior Consultant in April 2019. I am leading own projects (= Assignment Manager) since August 2019.

Before that, I studied Business Administration with major in Supply Chain Management and minors in Controlling and Procurement in Mainz (GER, B.Sc.), Cologne (GER, M.Sc.) and abroad in Groningen (NL) and Copenhagen (DK).

I completely agree with Chen on the facts that she likes about working for DHLC – especially the people and the diversity in both colleagues and project work make my daily work exciting and varied.

Kind regards

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Anonym B am 5. Mai 2020

Very authentic insights. Thanks a ton!

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