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Dear All,

I'm a penultimate-year student in a target London university and I am very keen to begin my consulting career with MBB/OW. I am interested in receiving guidance and mentorship, but am unable to afford multiple hours on coaching. Some experts have reached out to me and indicated that there is a substantial RoI to the cost, which I understand but currently cannot afford especially since I don't wish to involve my parents in this.

I am wondering what would be the best solution for students such as myself? Are there any discounted plans on offer that can produce similar results? Or is coaching at this stage not needed?

I promise I am driven, hardworking and have a potential to succeed if I put my heart to it. Thank you.

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McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews


I advise finding some good case partners to simulate the interview with. They can be candidates like you (as strong & motivated as possible) or some senior friends/classmates who have already experienced the process.

After you make tenths of mock interviews you can try a few sessions with a coach, to get more accurate feedback on your overall preparation.

Feel free to PM me, to structure a prep plan for you till the interview days.



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McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews
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