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I was wondering if anyone can provide some insights about Strategy&'s position In the middle east (Dubai), especially in terms of:

1. Reputation

2. Work culture (hierarcial or more flat type)

3. Diversity

And any other dimension ...


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Anonym antwortete am 4. Apr. 2019

Probably the Middle East is one of the strongest geographies for Strategy&.

  1. Despite the merge with PwC has somehow made less premium Strategy& positioning, it remains one of the leading consulting firms in ME;
  2. The work culture doesn't have anything different from the work culture in other geographies, even if the relationship with the Clients can differ actually
  3. The number of different nationalities you may find in the consulting offices of Dubai or Doha (for instance) is really high. Even if being an Arabic speaker is an advantage, there are plenty of expat working in the region.

Clearly the ME market is much different from a mature market, and this influence a lot the kind of project you could join over there (e.g., more growth strategy/market entry, less cost reduction)

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