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Anonym A fragte am 29. Feb. 2020


Please guide regarding referrals. I read a couple of posts here on referrals. I have networked over phone calls with folks from various firms. However, could not meet any in person. Will it be safe to ask them put in a word to the HR in considering my application for an interview? I am concerned it may backfire.

Thanks in advance for your inputs ! Cheers !

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Anonym antwortete am 7. Mai 2020

It doesn't need to be face to face. But probably would take more than just 1-2 chats.

As long as you can build relationship from your calls and get them comfortable and have a decent level of confident in you, you can ask nicely and see what the reactions would be.



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antwortete am 1. März 2020
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Hello there,

It is fine to ask them for referrals without meeting them face-to-face, as their schedules will be very packed.

Remember to be courteous in putting the request and understand that their resonse might be delayed due to schedule reasons.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,

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Anonym antwortete am 11. Mai 2020

Dear A,

Well, in general, there is no rule of thumb how to get them. If I were you, I've tried cold-mails to activate my network, search over LinkedIn those people, who might be heaving connections within my friends or in a broader circles. Or reach out to people directly.

Then have a very pleasant chat showing enthusiasm to the company and indirectly ask them to refer you. Then you will basically see, how the connection will go. If you would find really good person, they even might be willing to help you. But, first, you have to make rally great first impression.

Hope, it helps.


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antwortete am 29. Feb. 2020
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Go for it!
It's not a problem that you didn't meet them in person, if they believe that you can be a good candidate they will be happy to help you. Keep in mind that in many consulting companies there is a reward for referring people that get hired.


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antwortete am 29. Feb. 2020
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Of course, do ask!

How could it backfire? Worst thing that could happen is that they ignore you!

Don´t worry and kindly ask them.



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antwortete am 28. Feb. 2021
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Hi there,

Don’t ask directly about a referral. I would recommend you to reach out on LinkedIn and try to get a call. Try to find something in common and mention it correctly. Learning a LinkedIn profile will help you with this.

Do you need any further help?

All the best,


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